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Line Construction and YOUR Property Rights

§ 24-2-11. Requirements for certificate of public convenience and necessity. (Taken from the WV State Code)

§ 24-2-11a. Requirement for certificate of public convenience and necessity before beginning construction of high voltage transmission line; contents of application; notice; hearing; criteria for granting or denying certificate; regulations.

(a) No public utility, person or corporation shall begin construction of a high voltage transmission line of two hundred thousand volts or over, which line is not an ordinary extension of an existing system in the usual course of business as defined by the public service commission, unless and until it or he shall have obtained from the public service commission a certificate of public convenience and necessity approving the construction and proposed location of such transmission line.

Allegheny Power has been contacting property owners along the power line route to advise they will require access for "environmental surveys". Be aware that you are not required to provide access to your property at any time for any reason. Allegheny has no right to enter onto your property for any reason without your permission and you absolutely can refuse access to them or their contractors.

The Halleck Community Association has contacted the Monongalia County Sheriff's office and they advise you to contact them should anyone trespass or attempt to gain access to your property by giving false information. We also request that you contact any of our officers to report these incidents.

Please pass this important information along to your neighbors, especially those seniors and those who do not have Internet access.

The Allegheny Power line is still far from approval, even though the Allegheny representatives have told many local land owners it is a "done deal". This is not true and our efforts to oppose this line are gaining ground. Please continue to write the Public Service Commission, Governor Manchin, your local delegates, and the US Department of Energy to express your opposition to further exploitation of West Virginians.

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