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Think AGAIN!

Thanks for attending the meeting!
For those of you who missed it, we remain vigilant
and strong in our opposition to this line.
  Please send your letters in opposition to the newly proposed agreement   NOW!

(Send them to Sandra Squire, PSC- address link below under WHAT YOU CAN CONTINUE TO DO)
If you have friends in Taylor County, get them involved!
This is no time to be asleep at the wheel!

AP TrAILCo high voltage power lines...

yet the PSC puts off TrAIL Decision!!!!


In a mysterious move, the Public Service Commission has decided "not to decide" the fate of the TrAIL until August 2, 2008.
While TrAILCo has submitted NO ADDITIONAL EVIDENCE regarding the need for the line, they HAVE "sweetened the pot"
by promising not to charge ratepayers until 2014 (What will happen then?), offering to buy residences within
400 feet of the line (At whose perceived market value?), and offering to bring a number of jobs to the area
(Will they also bring the PEOPLE to FILL those jobs?)

In our opinion, this does not even BEGIN to touch the area of "electrical need" for the line.

It blatantly shows, however, that West Virginia CAN be taken advantage of (again and again)...
if the price is right and is presented to the "right" people.

We waged a gallant fight at the evidentiary hearings in Charleston and believe we presented an excellent case
to the WV Public Service Commission.

The commissioners APPEARED to be listening.

Even the PSC Staff argued that there was no need!

But NOW, after participating in closed door sessions (of which the Halleck group was not privy) the PSC Staff, the Consumer Advocate,
the West Virginia Energy Users Group, and TrAILCo, locked arm-in-arm, are proposing that the line be built in a more southerly route,
through the Grafton area! Check out all of the maps!   Click here to view. 

We suspect that there are MANY individuals along the new route who don't even know that their lives are going to be forever changed!
And, quite frankly, we don't know how to inform them! (Can YOU help?)

We DO know that letters may and SHOULD CONTINUE to be written.

Our legislators, the PSC, and the governor need to know that we are staying involved. (See: "What You Can Continue to Do" below)



Voice your opposition.  YOUR letters make a difference. Politicians want your vote (and this IS an election year!)
and will listen if we join together and make our voices heard. Please continue to write the Public Service Commission,
Governor Manchin, your local delegates, and the US Department of Energy to express your opposition to further

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exploitation of West Virginians.

Call or write to your representatives and the PSC today and include case No. 07-0508-E-CN.
(Use the Sandra Squire address)

Support the efforts of citizens of West Virginia through your financial contribution.
A small core of residents (some who would be affected by the proposed route and many who will not)
have been working hard to inform citizens.

We continue to need to gather the resources to "fight the fight." 
Waging this battle has not been cheap! 

We hired expert witnesses and legal representation. All of that cost money.

For those of you who contributed to the cause...we thank you.
Without your contributions, we would have never been able to present the case of the people.

Unfortunately, it is not over and we continue to have to respond to the TrAIL "Spin Machine"...
a Spin Machine fueled by ratepayer dollars!
They are using OUR money to sell this idea to the public and the politicians.
Their pockets are DEEP... and are filled, unfortunately, with OUR MONEY!

If you have not already done so, please consider donating to our efforts!  Click here for instructions to donate. 
We thank you in advance for your donation!


Allegheny Power TrAILCo plans to run a massive 114 +-mile 500-kilovolt power line through West Virginia.
The original proposal goes through western Monongalia County communities, snaking into the Halleck area,
through the Laurel Run watershed and Preston County, and across northern West Virginia into northern Virginia.
The transmission towers will be up to 160-feet tall and the rights-of-way could be 200-feet wide. The earlier proposed line
crosses the Halleck Road in Monongalia County three (3) times. Just about every Halleck resident with a view will be
able to see some portion of the line and towers. Now, the newly proposed line is taking a slightly southern route, but
nothing has been totally decided. The lines will be engineered to be capable of carrying twice the power of a normal 500kv line.

If this project is approved by the West Virginia PSC, the state may have to use powers of eminent domain.
This could force land owners to grant a right-of-way for the power line with the energy company paying what they
consider "fair market value".

This power line is being built to supply electricity to the growing suburbs of the greater Washington, DC metropolis.
The State of West Virginia (not to mention our local community) will receive minimal power from this line.

Once the line is built and all the costs are compiled, Allegheny will ask the PSC to increase YOUR electric rates
to pay for this power line. It is likely YOU will pay for a power line that provides very little, if any, benefit to you.

Having a power line of this size next to your home and in your community is not only unsightly, it will dramatically
reduce the value of your property. Public perception of health risks and the inability to use the 200-foot right of way will
lower the value of your property. Incredibly, you will most likely continue to pay the same amount of property taxes.

Once the towers and lines are in place, they will stay forever. The scars on our beautiful West Virginia landscape
will never be healed.

If you don't act, you will have to explain your lack of action to your children and grandchildren.


TrAILCo is Forging "Full Speed Ahead"...

SURVEYS: Despite the fact that the application has yet to be approved, TrAILCo has been contacting property owners along the
proposed power line route (including the Halleck Area...
even though they SAY that they are not asking for this route anymore) to advise they require access for "environmental surveys. "

AND...They continue to offer even MORE money for
property owners' Rights-of-Way!

Be aware that you are not required to provide access to your property at any time for any reason and Allegheny
has no right to enter without your permission.
You are within your rights to refuse access to them or their contractors.

AND you do NOT have to sell your Right-of-Way!

Do NOT believe that the danger of a Power Line going through our area is over!
If enough owners give the Right-of-Way to Allegheny or TrAILCo, it will not be long before the next project is on our doorsteps.

(The Halleck Community Association has contacted the Monongalia County Sheriff's office and
they advise you to contact them should anyone trespass or attempt to gain access to your property by giving false information.

We ALSO request that you contact us to report these incidents. Please pass this important information along to your neighbors,
especially those seniors and those who do not have Internet access.)

$$$$$ OFFERS Are Still Being Made!

TrAILCo representatives are continuing to call and meet with property owners in our area and are upping the stakes on their original offers!
You have to ask yourself why they would be doing this!
Do NOT sell your family's future to the Power Line without giving it SERIOUS CONSIDERATION!

Before accepting or signing any agreement, residents are urged to contact an attorney, an appraiser or local realtor or other
property owners who are informed about the line to learn more about your rights. If you grant them right-of-way, it will be
in perpetuity and will devalue your property forever.

This website is sponsored by the Halleck Community Association,

citizens concerned about the environmental issues, health issues, property values, rate increases and a million more concerns.

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All Rights Reserved.